Nice to meet you!

Be the Change“Dialogue is an adventure, an adventure available to anyone. And sometimes it’s an adventure whose outcome can change history.”
— Daisaku Ikeda

I wanted to start this blog to inspire and empower people. Our society today faces many issues, and at times it is so easy to feel powerless. But there is always a way to take action.

What does an ideal future look like? To me, it is where each person can truly express his or her full potential. It is where we value the dignity of life more than anything else. And creating a better future requires that we become better people. It means to me that each of us determine to live our values and principles everyday.

To me what connects the two, the macro of society and the micro of individual, is the principle of nonviolence and nonviolent action. By creating social movements for change, we return the power to where it should belong: the people.  People are sovereign.

I hope I can make a small contribution in providing a space for dialogue, where we can seek solutions and together “change history.”

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