Expansion of Democracy

If, instead of referring to the movement as the civil rights movement, we spoke in terms of the expansion of democracy, then each new generation would recognize that they have a responsibility to expand democracy beyond the way they found it. This duty is an ongoing task that each new generation must accept. The question is how to engage the next generation and convey this important message to them. This is a major issue to which, as you can tell, I have passionately devoted myself.
— Vincent Harding

Vincent Harding

Dr. Vincent Harding, a friend of and advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. and an incredible human being, passed away yesterday, May 19th. I was so fortunate to have had the chance to meet him twice in Denver. To celebrate his life and dedication to humanity, I wanted to share this quote from his from the book “America Will Be! Conversation on Hope, Freedom, and Democracy,” as a way to assure him that I’ll carry on his message. 

One thought on “Expansion of Democracy

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    Countrymen! Americans. A great lion of a civil rights pioneer passed. I learned from him what a broad concept of democracy in America can be. I am definitely never to forget his words and will carry on his message.

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